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We feel glad and excited to join hands with you. Our IB partnership program is a way to start a small business without any investment, all you have to do is just introduce clients to us. Before you join hands with us read the article below which explains about Forex Trading and our Partnership Program.

Forex Trading

Forex trading refers to buying and selling currencies online, in other words, it is the speculation on the price of one currency against another. The Forex market is also called as the ‘Spot Market’, ‘Forex’, or ‘Foreign exchange market’, and it is the largest and the most liquid market in the world with an average daily turnover of $7.2 trillion. The forex market is available 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

How does the Forex Market work?

  • The forex market does not have any physical existence as such, the trading happens through ECN’S- Electronic Communication Networks.
  • The forex market is available 24 hours a day from 5pm on Sunday till Friday 4pm and the reason why the market is open 24 hours is that there are traders at all times trading and meeting demands for a particular currency, which is required to carry on international trades.
  • It is also required for central banks because a country’s economy depends on its economic and political instability. To stabilize it the country has to trade in an open market.
  • It is also required by businesses that operate in many countries to hedge risk.

What is IB Partnership?

IB – Introducing Broker is a partnership program offered by many forex brokers. In this program, as an introducing broker you will have to introduce clients to the forex brokerage company and in turn, you will be provided with a commission and the necessary promotional tools to attract more clients. Hence, more the number of clients you introduce the more commission you earn.

How does it work?



Make a Passive Income through your referral


How to become an IB?



  • Click on the IB application form in the right bottom corner of the screen
  • Fill in the IB application form



  • Our support team will receive your application and send you an IB agreement
  • Open an account by submitting a copy of your ID Proof, Address Proof, E-mail ID, contact details and bank details.
  • We provide you with the referral link and web banners to attract clients
  • Introduce at least 3 active clients
  • You are assigned with a personal account manager to guide clients throughout the account opening and funding processes through a back-office MT4 Manager Terminal reporting suite
  • Receive commission instantly once your client places an order
  • Get rebates for both winning and losing trades
  • Get rewards and promotions other than rebates
  • You are also provided a PAMM setup if you manage more than 5 client accounts.

Hence, earn limitless by introducing more clients

How to source your referrals

You can get your clients either by having a website of your own or a social media page. It is not compulsory for an IB in BlueMax to have a website or a social media page, it is recommended to have one.

Track your clients

An IB at BlueMax is provided with a personalized web page with tracking links to keep a watch on the client’s trade introduced by him. These page links can also be used to open a live account, a demo account and to fund.

Earn Commissions

Once you become a partner and start introducing new clients to Bluemax, you will receive a commission for every closed transaction. The commission is based on the currency pair chosen by your client and it varies for each account type as in mentioned in the IB agreement.

Withdrawal of Commissions

Commissions can be withdrawn at any time by just submitting a “withdrawal form” through the login panel and the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 US$.

Marketing Support

BlueMax provides all the promotional materials required to attract clients. The promotional materials include Referral links, Web banners, Widgets, Landing pages, Web sites, Videos, Brochures, Print Ads, Logos and Roll Up Standees.

Why Choose Us

  • Global Presence: BlueMax provides forex trading service in more than 20 countries and has 10000+ clients across the globe.
  • Dedicated ECN engine: Since we have a tie-up with various banks all over the world it is easy to provide a reliable spread most of the time and trades are processed through advanced Data Centers located in different geographical locations.
  • Market Updates: We provide the best and the most user-friendly trading platform called the MT4, Meta Trader 4 which can be easily downloaded on a mobile phone or a desktop where 50+ currency pairs and commodities can be traded. We also provide updates on the movements of the major currency pairs and the market entry and exit points.
  • Value Added Service: BlueMax provides personalized service for each and every client based on their needs.
  • Worlds Popular Trading Platform: We provide the best and the most reliable trading platform called the MT4-Meta Trader 4 which makes trading easy, rapid and successful. The MT4 application is user-friendly and can be easily downloaded on an android mobile, desktop, tablet or a laptop. Many forex traders from all over the world use this application for its reliability and versatility.
  • Wide Range of Trading Instruments: BlueMax has a wide range of trading instruments such as Fx Majors, Fx Minors, Fx Crosses, Fx Exotics, Metals, Bullions, Energy, and Indexes…etc.
  • Safety and Integrity:  Here at BlueMax we take utmost effort to ensure that our client’s funds are safe and secure and provide the highest level of financial confidence and investment protection.

Benefits for an IB from BlueMax

  • Best IB Commission 0.5 pip  per standard lot
  • Free Sign up no extra charges
  • No need for capital, office set or human resource.
  • Instant IB Commissions credited
  • Withdrawal of commission at any time
  • Advanced Referral Page with tracking and reporting web admin panel
  • Free Training/Advice for your clients
  • Advanced Client Login for every client
  • Free Marketing Materials and Support
  • Manager Terminal for high-level IBs
  • Dedicated Account Manager – Who is always there to support and assist you

Responsibilities of an IB

  • Explaining the opportunities of BlueMax Capital trading services and process correctly and clearly.
  • Introducing new traders to BlueMax Capital.
  • Maintaining a cordial and healthy relationship with clients.
  • Conducting training programs and trading workshop frequently if needed.
  • Guiding Clients with all procedures from Account Opening, Trading, Deposit to Withdrawal of funds if needed. (Our Dedicated Account Manager will guide your clients)
  • Exploring new ways of marketing and promotion to acquire new clients.

Dedicated Account Manager Support

You will be assigned to a personal Account Manager who will be assisting you with your needs. Similarly, he will provide you with all the necessary tools and guidelines to expand your business and attract more clients. The account manager will help your clients throughout from account opening, funding processes to the back-office MT4 Manager Terminal reporting suite. Our award-winning MT4 platform is fully configured to support each partner’s back-office and operational need whilst maintaining full client security.

myBlueMax Login

myBlueMax is a login portal which is provided to our partners where you can view your profile, keep a track of your client’s transactions, view daily and monthly statements, raise tickets through the support center in case of any queries and get access to guides and articles in the knowledge base to know more about our system. It also provides access to compare the statement month wise which helps you to get a clear picture of your client’s transactions.

Contact Us

We hope that the above information would have given you a picture of forex trading, how to become a partner with us and the advantages of becoming a partner in BlueMax. For more information reach us at support@bluemaxcapital.com

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