How to Access myBlueMax Login

BlueMax Capital aims at making trading and managing accounts effortless for its traders and hence has introduced a login where a client can deposit funds, make internal fund transfers, view statements, withdraw funds and much more with the most user-friendly platform called myBlueMax login. The below article will explain the features available in the myBlueMax login.


How to access myBlueMax Login?

The myBlueMax option is available on our website in the menu bar on the top right corner. The login is provided to the clients who have opened a live account in BlueMax. The client receives the username and password to access the portal through an e-mail sent by our Account department.


bluemax-forex-trading-dashboardBlueMax Capital Dashboard

Once you enter the username and password you see a screen as below with the different options. Let’s have a look at it one by one.


My Profile


The first option you see is the My Profile option where you will have to enter your basic details such as your name, contact number, address, DOB, nationality, etc. below the general information tab. The bank details, income details, and source of funds are to be entered below the financial information tab. The tab will look similar to the image depicted below:




Open Sub Account


In case you want to open an additional account you can do so by sending a sub-account request using this option on the dashboard. Once a client clicks this option, a screen appears asking for the reason to open a sub account. Submit the reason by selecting one from the drop-down menu and you will be notified once the request is processed. You can open a sub-account in order to inter-change your fund manager and in case you are a PAMM investor and you want to trade on your own you can do so by opening a sub account.


forex-trading-how-to-open-a-sub account

Deposit Fund


This option showcases a trader the different options available to fund his account along with the specific details such as the minimum deposit required, transaction fee, withdrawal time duration, the required account name, account number or id to which he has to fund his account. Below are the modes in which one can fund his account in BlueMax.





  • Bank Wire Transfer: It refers to transferring money from one bank account to another bank account. This transfer is operated completely by the banks.
  • Neteller: Neteller is a global e-wallet provider offering a quick and easy way to transfer funds to your trading account with the click of a button. You can deposit funds to your account in a secure manner.
  • Skrill: Skrill allows you to easily fund your trading account using a debit/credit card or through direct Skrill e-Wallet transaction.
  • Crypto Currency: At BlueMax we accept deposits in the form of Bitcoin and Ethereum as well.

To know more about our funding options click here

Internal Fund Transfer


The internal fund transfer option allows a trader to transfer funds between his trading accounts. Say a trader has two accounts and wants to transfer money from one account to another, he can use this option. Once a trader clicks on this option a screen appears as follows where he can select the account from which he wants to transfer funds to, along with the amount.




Withdraw Funds


This option allows the trader to withdraw his funds whenever required.
A trader can withdraw his funds using the same mode in which he deposited his funds by just submitting a withdrawal form. 




Web Trading


Once you click on the Web Trading option a screen appears asking for the login and password. Enter the MT4 login and password. You can start trading with the MT4 web terminal in any browser.




IB Referrals

ib-referral-link-mybuemax-loginBlueMax provides an exclusive option for the Introducing Brokers to improve their marketing activity, generate leads and manage their clients. By using this option an IB can easily track and analyze the leads coming from the social media and others sources. When an IB clicks on this icon he is taken to a screen where he can view the total number of forms filled on his landing page, the number of clicks received for his website and can also compare his statements month wise and view the total summary or filter it day wise or month wise.


My PAMM Investors



The My PAMM Investor option is a useful tool for the fund managers where they can view the number of investors under them, the investment made by each investor, the profit earned, the fund managers fee and the PAMM agent commission.

My PAMM Referrals


The PAMM Referral option is used by PAMM promoters to view the details of the clients referred by them. The promoter can also view the Three Level Promoter income he has earned from his client’s referrals.




My Clients  


The My Clients option is used by an Introducing Broker to view the details of the clients introduced by him. It also provides the IB with a Filter Option making it easy to view the statements for a certain period of time.


My Transactions


This option keeps a record of the transactions happened in the last 10 days. You can also view the date on which the transaction happened, the amount, transaction type and the mode of transaction. It also has the Filter Option where you can view the transactions happened during a particular period of time.


My Statements


My Statements option is available to the traders where they can view all their trading statements. They can either view their statements day wise or month wise.




Support Center


This is one of the best feature BlueMax provides its clients where one can easily access our support team by asking their queries in the form of raising tickets. There is another option called the Knowledge Base in the support center where you can find articles and guides that will help you understand our functions.




In order to raise a ticket:

  • Click on Tickets in the menu bar and click create.
  • Enter your e-mail id, name, priority- how fast you want your query to be answered, category i.e. clarification on account opening, depositing funds or any another query, the subject, choose a file if required and click create a ticket.
  • Once your ticket is created you can use the “Your Tickets” option to view the status of the ticket raised.
    The tickets option in the menu bar allows you to create a new ticket, view your open tickets and view the history of the tickets raised to date.
  • After you close the Ticket, you can also give ratings based on our response like Excellent, Very Good, Satisfactory, Unhelpful, or Poor.

Change Password



This option allows the user to change the password and create a new password.





The logout option allows you to exit from the myBlueMax Dashboard. 



 When you log in to the myBlueMax dashboard at the top you will find the shortcut buttons to easily access the:

  • Support center
  • Deposit funds
  • Max Wallet: where you can view your balance, fund your trading account, view all your transactions and view the reward points earned.
  • View your personal account manager contact number and e-mail id and you can also request a callback
  • Receive notifications
  • You can opt if you want the sidebar to be shown or not by clicking the menu icon

Benefits of using myBlueMax

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to access
  • Deposits and withdrawals made simple
  • A single click to transfer funds from one account to another
  • Keep all your transactions and statements at your fingertip
  • Dedicated support team

Thank you for reading the above article, we hope the article has given you a clear explanation of the BlueMax dashboard and how to use it to deposit or withdraw funds, view statements, raise tickets, how to access the trading platform and much more.

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