Forex Daily Forecast – 19 Sep 2019

EURUSD INTRADAY : Probable Upside

1. technical-indicators

Preferred Trade:
Buy Above 1.1055
Expected Target 1.1095

Alternate Scenario:
Sell Below 1.1015
Expected Target 1.0975


ECB’s Coeure Speaks release on 15:30 GMT by European Union

Existing Home Sales (Aug) release on 19:30 GMT by US

GBPUSD INTRADAY : Probable Upside

2. trendline-chart

Preferred Trade:
Buy Above 1.2492
Expected Target 1.2532

Alternate Scenario:
Sell Below 1.2452
Expected Target 1.2412


BoE Interest Rate Decision (Sep) release on 16:30 GMT by U.K.

Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index (Sep) release on 18:00 GMT by US

AUDUSD INTRADAY : Probable Downside

3. market-watch

Preferred Trade:
Sell Below 0.6768
Expected Target 0.6728

Alternate Scenario:
Buy Above 0.6808
Expected Target 0.6848


Employment Change (Aug) release on 07:00 GMT by Australia

Existing Home Sales (MoM) (Aug) release on 19:30 GMT by US

USDJPY INTRADAY : Probable Downside

4. chart-indicators

Preferred Trade:
Sell Below 107.67
Expected Target 107.27

Alternate Scenario:
Buy Above 108.07
Expected Target 108.47


BoJ Interest Rate Decision release on 08:30 GMT by Japan

Philly Fed Employment (Sep) release on 18:00 GMT by US

XAUUSD INTRADAY : Probable Upside

5. technical-analysis

Preferred Trade:
Buy Above 1496.49
Expected Target 1500.49

Alternate Scenario:
Sell Below 1492.49
Expected Target 1488.49


Initial Jobless Claims release on 18:00 GMT by US

XBRUSD INTRADAY : Probable Downside

6. buy-sell-trend

Preferred Trade:
Sell Below 62.82
Expected Target 62.42

Alternate Scenario:
Buy Above 63.22
Expected Target 63.62


Current Account (Q2) release on 18:00 GMT by US

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